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FCC Disposes of Long-Standing 700 MHz Reconsideration Petitions

FCC Disposes of Long-Standing 700 MHz Reconsideration Petitions

Posted on March 5, 2013

An FCC Memorandum Opinion and Order has rejected reconsideration of various licensing and performance rules relating to the 698-806 MHz (700 MHz) Band.  The order specifically denies or dismisses ten petitions filed in 2007 to modify earlier FCC decisions on the 700 MHz Band performance requirements, auction and competitive bidding rules, open platform rules, narrowband relocation procedures, and decisions not to impose wholesale requirements, eligibility restrictions, and spectrum aggregation limits.  The order also dismisses as moot petitions regarding the establishment of the Public/Private Partnership between the Upper 700 MHz D Block (D Block) licensee and the Public Safety Broadband Licensee in the 763-768 MHz and 793-798 MHz bands.  The D Block petitions were rendered moot by Congress’ passage of the Spectrum Act, which mandated the D Block reallocation for public safety services licensing of the First Responder Network Authority known also FirstNet.

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